How Our Service Works

How Our Cloth Diaper Service Works

Bear Bottoms Cloth Diaper Service allows you to get all the benefits of cloth diapering your baby without all the work. With our service, no rinsing or soaking the diapers is required. It's as simple as placing the soiled diapers into your diaper pail. Once a week, we come right to your front or back door to pick up your soiled diapers and leave fresh ones for your baby.. We typically deliver your pre-birth delivery one week before your baby is due. We usually schedule the service to begin the week after your baby arrives although you can begin the service whenever you like... just send us a quick email. If you are signing up after your baby has been born, we can start your service the following week.

Most newborns go through about 70 diapers per week and we typically start new babies at this weekly quantity. If you need more or less, simply let us know and we will adjust. We track usage by family and adjust as part of regular course anyway.

Each week you will receive a Bear Bottoms Bag Tag on your diaper bag. We ask that before you place your soiled diaper bag outside you fill in the number of clean diapers and inserts (soakers) you have left each week, so we can adjust your supply as needed.

On your delivery day, simply take the waterproof bag out of your pail and have it ready outside for the driver by 8:00 AM. We come on the same day of the week every week, at around the same time of day. And you don't need to be home for your delivery. If you live in an apartment, simply buzz us in and we will deliver to your door each week.

 How our service works in 3 easy steps...

Take the clean diapers out of the odour proof and waterproof diaper bag we provide each week and place the bag in your diaper pail.
Simply toss the soiled diapers in the pail. There is no need to dump or rinse the diapers whatsoever!
On your delivery day, fill out the bag tag and leave the soiled bag of diapers on your doorstep for pick up.
We offer day and night diapers and three sizes of inserts (soakers) with our service. Day Diapers are thinner, for light to medium wetters, and don't have the traditional "bulk" of some cloth diapers. Simply add an insert if needed without adding bulk all around. Night diapers are thicker, for mid to heavy wetters and for nighttime and naps. Add a large insert (super soaker) for all night absorbency.

Below are the various diaper sizes we offer and what weight range they are designed for...

Extra Small (4-8LBs)
Small (7-13LBs)
Medium Daytime (12-20LBs)
Medium Nighttime (12-20LBs)
Large Daytime (19-26LBs)
Large Nighttime (19-26LBs)
Extra Large (25-40LBs)
On the go moms need not be concerned about using cloth diapers. Travel wet bags have been specifically designed to tackle the task of holding and transporting soiled cloth diapers. Waterproof, wipeable and odour containing, these bags are easily stored in the bottom of your stroller or diaper bag. At the end of your outing, simply dump any soiled diapers out of your travel bag and into the large wet bag we provide and toss your bag in the wash.

The difference between cloth and disposable diapers is that, in cloth, your baby will feel when they are wet whereas the chemicals in disposable diapers mask the feeling of being wet so your baby will not that they are sitting in a dirty diaper. There are two benefits to the cloth option. The first is that your baby will let you know when they need to be changed which greatly reduces the incidence of diaper rash. The second is early toilet training. Since your baby will feel when they are wet, it incents them to use the potty. The average baby in cloth is fully toilet trained by 2 years of age whereas in disposables it is between 3 and 3.5 years. This represents significant cost savings as well as a year of not having to change diapers!

Bear Bottoms hospital approved high temperature laundering process

Bear Bottoms is hospital approved and we have invest both time and money into hiring professionals who have worked in both hospitals and nursing homes to help with our washing process. We test each load for detergent residue and pH level to make sure your diapers are safe and clean. We wash at 190 degrees which is at hospital standards to eliminate all bacteria.

Our facilities have large, energy efficient, computer controlled industrial washers/extractors. This equipment has very high extraction speeds which reduces our energy consumption in the drying process. Our laundry system utilizes a computerized detergent supply system that is optimized to deliver the correct amount of detergent at each cycle of the cleaning process.

There are multiple rinse cycles to ensure all detergent is removed from the diapers. All detergents used are environmentally friendly and safe for your baby's skin. We even match the pH level of the water to that of babies sensitive skin to reduce the chances of skin irritation.

When the diapers are dried, each diaper is inspected to assure the washing process has 100% passed our strict protocol. Utilizing a diaper service instead of washing cloth diapers at home uses 4 times less water and power. Bear Bottoms prides itself in going above and beyond to provide your with clean, sanitized diapers with the smallest impact on the environment.

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