The Bear Bottom Difference

The Bear Bottoms Difference

Bear Bottoms prides itself in going above and beyond to provide you with clean, sanitized diapers with the smallest impact on our environment. With our service you can feel safe in knowing your diapers are cleaned to hospital standards, with per wash testing and 180 degree sanitizing cycles. Our Buddi Diapers are soft and cosy and made in Perth County, Ontario.  We use all natural fabrics, which include Hemp, Cotton and Cotton Sherpa.  Most services are using microfiber diapers, which is type polyester synthetic.  Micor-fibre does not biodegrade, which isn't much better than using disposable diapers for the environment.  But, most importantly microfiber doesn't breath and is very hot.  Just imagine wearing fuzzy fleece underwear, especially in the summer.

We offer day and night diapers, soakers and super soakers with our service. Day Diapers are thinner, for light to medium wetters, and don't have the traditional "bulk" of some cloth diapers. Simply add a soaker, if needed without adding bulk all around. Night diapers are thicker, for mid to heavy wetters and for nighttime and naps. Add a super soaker for all night absorbency.

Bear Bottoms diapers can be used from birth - yes meconium is fine. We don't require you to dump the solids or use flushable liners for any reason. Because of this, we use less water than if you have you dump, rinse and flush solids. Our washers break down and dump the solids into the sewage before the washing begins (cool, eh?) which uses 1/10 of the water if each of our clients were to flush even twice per day. Also, since we wash at such high temperatures you can creams that are considered cloth "unfriendly" such as zinc creams, vaseline and natural oils. Please stay away from any creams containing dyes or fish oils, such as Desitin and A + D. Most clients find that cream isn't even needed, but it's still nice to know you can use it.

Starting service with us is quick and easy. You can either call us or simply fill out our online form and we'll do the rest. We will contact you to set everything up and determine your start date and other useful information.

We recommend starting with 70 diapers a week for newborns, otherwise we will help you determine the size and quantity of diapers for your little one's Bear Bottom. We pick up once per week for many reasons, but mostly because of our environment. Burning fuel coming to your home twice per week doesn't make ecological sense, when you are making the choice to use cloth for less environmental impact. Instead, we offer a great odour controlling pail, our famous Bear-spray for odour control and extra diaper bags to use free of charge if needed.

Once you have signed up, we offer you a FREE pre-birth delivery 1-2 weeks before your due date so that you have diapers on hand when your baby does arrive. We do not begin regular deliveries until you let us know that your baby has arrived and that you are ready for service.

With our service no rinsing or soaking is required. It's as simple as placing the soiled diapers into the diaper pail* that we provide. *(One time rental fee of $22, includes free Bear-spray & welcome kit)
Once a week, we come right to your front or back door to pick up your soiled diapers and leave fresh ones for your baby. Each week you will receive a Buddi Bag tag on your diaper bag. We ask that before you place your soiled diaper bag outside you fill in the number of clean diapers and soakers you have left each week, so we can adjust your supply as needed. Filling out your tag is very important please contact us if you are unsure how to fill it in.

We come on the same day of the week every week, at around the same time of day. And you don't need to be home for your delivery. If you live in an apartment, please contact us so we can arrange delivery and details.

1. Take the clean diapers out of the bag they came in.
2. Line your pail with the reusable diaper bag. 

3. Take soiled diapers off baby and drop them into the bag/hamper. 
    Please, only put our cloth diapers into the bag. (Please no toys, disposable wipes or diapers, Q Tips, deodorizers, etc.) Also, do not   
    wrap soiled diapers in small plastic bags. 

4. On the day of your service, close the soiled bag, fill out the label on the bag and place it on your doorstep.

What should I do if I forgot to put out my soiled diapers? The best solution to this is to get in the habit of putting your diapers out the night before. But it still happens, and our drivers will knock first to see if you are at home, then call. We will still leave you clean diapers, but you should call our office immediately, as the van might still be in your area. If not, please call us and we will work together with you to arrange a pick-up/drop-off location. Please read our disclaimer page for further details.

What should I do when I go on vacation? When you know the dates of your vacation please call our office. Credit will be given for the weeks you are on vacation, as long as we are notified at least a week before-hand. We will work with you to arrange pick-up of all of your diapers (clean and soiled) before you leave. Please note, you will not receive a credit for your vaction if all diapers/soakers are not returned. You can also get a double order if you wish to take our diapers with you. Contact us for tips on travelling with cloth.

  "Our service doesn't require you to dump the solids or use flushable liners. Simply place soiled diapers in the pail provided. We put waste in the sewage, not the landfills, and we don't waste your home water."

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