"When I was pregnant with my first child and looking at diapering options I called Jill who laid everything out for me. At the time, my husband was still not sure of this cloth diapering thing and I told him "let's just try it - they only ask for one month and if we don't like it then we can stop" - within a week of having our baby my husband loved the diapers and here we are almost 4 1/2 yrs stopping now only because our 4 yr old has been toilet trained for over a year and our 2 yr old is well on her way to no longer needing diapers. Jill, Mike and the staff at Bear Bottoms are great and the service is absolutely amazing. I don't think you will find a better product and pricing. If anyone is looking for a Diaper Service I highly recommend Bear Bottoms."

~ Lynn Brombal , Cambridge

"Nothing compares to Bear Bottoms, having both day & night diapers and I just found out they are made right here in Ontario - support the economy right? Our baby is now big enough for super soakers and wow! My baby has never even leaked or had a rash. He never fusses to be changed and we have never had to use any creams. We can't understand why anyone wouldn't use cloth, when it's this easy, cheap and better for the world! Thank you Bear Bottoms, for your service!"

~ Mike & Ashley McKay, London

 "I really like the service and recommend it to many people. The convenience of having diapers delivered to my door and not having to do even more laundry is great. The service is always friendly and you are always willing to go out of your way to make things work even better! Many thanks!"

~ Tanya McKraken, Waterloo

"We love that we are not contributing to the enormous amount of waste in landfills, and the diapers are gentle on our little girl's bottom. "

~ Krista & Rob Wayne, Guelph

 "Our little peanuts are Hugo Amede and Nate Anderson. We've been using Bear Bottoms for 7 or so months now and have been extremely pleased with the attention to detail, quality of care and service extended to us by Jill and Mike. They seem to anticipate our needs, letting us know that our babes have outgrown their current diapers before we even consider it a possibility - quite brilliant really!!! Thanks for everything until now, and we will be loyal customers until our bugs are potty trained."

~ Christine & Amede Lamarche, Stratford

 "We have been using Bear Bottoms since Quinn's birth on June 12th. Quinn loves the feeling of cloth on her bum, her only diaper rash came on one of the rare occasions that she wears disposables. Mom and Dad love the friendly service, the flexibility (i.e. putting service on hold when away), the convenience, the easy to use diapers and the good feeling you get by not adding more waste to the landfills."

~ Krestena Sullivan& Ian Carswells, Kitchener

"We are happy to make a positive impact on our environment by using cloth diapers vs. disposables. We're trying to limit the unnecessary exposure to plastics. We are extremely appreciative of the service provided by Bear Bottoms and are ecstatic that the service has been expanded to the London area. Much luck is wished for your continued expansion."

~ Ann Sujak & Jeremy Wright, London

 "We have been using the service for eight months and we love it! we love: -how helpful and sweet the bear bottoms staff are (we love you Jenn) -we feel proud to be doing a small part to help the enviroment -we like how easy the diapers are to use -we love that Lukas has never had diaper rash one day in his life!!"

~ Kate Steele, Stratford

 "My son, Jack is 5 months old and we have been using the diaper service since he was 2 weeks old! I especially loved using Bear Bottoms during the first two months of Jacks life when diaper changes were never ending! I love the feeling of knowing that we are not adding to the landfills with disposable diapers! AND...Jacks bum is happy to wear cloth, so mommy is happy, too!"

~ Krystal Spinner, Guelph

"We have been using the service for just over six months. I love everything about your service. I love the quality of the diapers, I love the convenience of having them delivered and not having the extra laundry. Most of all I love the high service level that Bear Bottoms offers. Thanks so much."

~ Michelle Rojas, Kitchener

 "We have been so happy and grateful for your service. We have been with you for just about six months. Mishka's first diaper was one of yours and she's never worn anything else. We have peace of mind knowing that we're not creating even more garbage that will hang around for generations and that her skin hasn't been exposed to any of the chemicals that are in disposables (which I know are considered safe, but we're wary of anything composed of chemicals-she's never had even a small diaper rash, which we credit to using cloth diapers and wipes.) We also love the convenience of having diapers here all the time and not having to wash them ourselves! But most of all it's the service and friendliness you have provided that we love. You've been informative and helpful when we have questions and amazingly quick to deliver when we've needed something. You were patient as we debated what Swimmi pattern to get at the end of your day- and a couple hours later it was in the mailbox. Thanks for operating such a valuable and high quality service!"
~ Tina & Rick Overholt, Kitchener

"We love that the diapers are easy to use (even my husband feels comfortable using them) and environmentally friendly. I also find they tend to hold our daughters, poop explosions, better than disposable diapers."

~ Andrea Moore, Waterloo

 "I, or I should say we, are extremely pleased with Bear Bottoms! We love how the cloth diapers feel on our son's bottom and how it brings peace of mind to know that we are helping the environment each and every day. However, that is not the main reason we love Bear Bottoms. It is the great customer service they provide! Friendly and extremely helpful no matter the time of day! Jill is always there to answer my questions, provide me with helpful tips and advice, and if there is any change or problem with my order, they go out of their way to fix it and drop it off! This is service you don't find anywhere. Thank you!"

~ Mary Jane Hutfloetz, Kitchener

 "I just wanted to say that I have been using your diapers with my second child, Nathan (Caity had the pleasure of using disposable, only because I didn't know about Bear Bottoms 2.5yrs ago) since May of this year.(4.5 mths) I wasn't too sure how I was going to like the diapers, knowing that they are a little bulkier than disposable, but I really do like them and Nathan seems very happy with them as well. (no diaper rash so far!) We did have some trouble getting the right fit, proper covers to help with leaks, but I called Jill many times who always was able to help me out, either over the phone or popping by for a visit to ensure we were using the diapers properly. If it wasn't for that kind of personal service I'm not sure if I would've stuck with the cloth diapers. I'm pretty sure we've turned a corner and are having great success with the larger diapers, new covers and a couple of tricks to keep the leaks away. I tell all new moms about the service, I think its a great idea that someone else gets to clean them up, all we do is use them! Bear Bottoms lover."

~ Barb & Matt Graveline, Cambridge

 "I like how healthy the cloth diapers are for my son, and how healthy they are for the environment. The customer service has been outstanding, and I would recommend this service to anyone with a little one."

~ Jen Clarke, Cambridge

"Your service is amazing. Jill & Mike and the staff at Bear Bottoms are great! The diapers are soft, and our little girl's bum has never had one rash. Several of our friends use your service - one had her boy trained at 13 months because of cloth."

~ Tammy Carter, London

"We love the ease of the fitted diapers and there is RARELY ever a mess! I have had many comments from friends and family on how wonderful and easy they look. I can't imagine why disposable diapers are still around when there is Bear Bottoms instead!"
~ Christine Campbell, Guelph

"We have been using Bear Bottoms diapers with my son Jack for almost 6 months now. We love everything about Bear Bottoms! I love the product (so comfy looking, fits great and always clean), and I love the service that we get - you are always so personable on the phone and you guys are also the only service that would come out to Rockwood for us. Jack has not had a single diaper rash, while all of our friends with babies in disposables are constantly battling them! Thanks again for providing such a great service!"

~ Keva Berry, Rockwood

"Using Bear Bottoms diapers and service has been amazing. It is so easy, and there is no smell (at least so far before solid food). Since getting the Buddi Bag, we can now take her and the cloth everywhere! My mom, who thought the cloth diapers would be a lot of work, is also sold , and she is so impressed by Cadence's perfect skin no diaper rash! We are thrilled with the service and accessories that Bear Bottoms provides."

~ Sharon & Rob Bauer, Cambridge

"We have been using the service for almost 8 months and we love it! Despite all the 'green' reasons for cloth diapers - the best part is the convenience. I never have to worry about running out of diapers or bringing home those huge boxes from the store. I also have to add that you (Jill) have been a great help whenever I've called, in figuring out which covers would work best for my little wetter. Keep up the great service - it makes a difference."

~ Melissa Assad, Cambridge

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