Common Questions

Common Questions

We all know that using cloth diapers is best for the environment and for our baby's health (not to mention our pockets), but just how easy are they to use? Here are answers to some common questions to help get you started.

Are cloth diapers easy to use?
The short answer is yes! The more useful response is to answer some common questions about cloth diapers.
What do I do at change time? 
Almost the same as disposables, except you put a fresh cloth diaper under the cover first, then unsnap or pull-off the cover, unsnap the dirty diaper and put it in the pail. Of course give your little one a good wipe with a moist cloth or wipe (have a spare pail for disposing of wipes and cloths or use our wipe service) and air-drying is always best! This is a great time for tickling and spending time with baby!
Are they difficult to put on?
Not at all. Bear Bottoms diapers are the easiest to use and require no folding. Simply put them on just as you would a disposable. No pins! Everything is a snap - including the breathable cover!

Can I use zinc creams, vaseline, coconut oil etc.?
Yes, becuase of our hot washing process we allow you to use creams that are considered non-cloth diaper safe. Most zinc creams and oils are fine, except for those that contain fish oils or dyes. Known brands that contain fish oils are, Desitin and A + D. 

What if I live in an apartment or condo?
We happily service many secure buildings. Since every building is different, feel free to contact us so we can discuss your options.
Do I have to buy your diapers first, then you wash them?
No, our service is considered a weekly rental of our diapers, washing and delivery to you. There is a $22 one-time rental fee for the diaper pail and includes 1 FREE bottle of Bear-spray.

Do I get the same diapers back? 
Many Services have tried to do this, but with little success. To put one bag of diapers in a load, could only happen in residential washers (see next question for further explanation on why this may not be the best 
choice). So, as a parent myself I would be more concerned how well the diapers are washed, since if they are cleaned properly this should never be an issue. It's the same as putting on a gown at the hospital, it doesn't cross my mind if it was cleaned properly and you should feel the same about your diapers. With our washing process, our diapers come out as clean as new, if not cleaner. First, no germ can survive our sanitizing cycle at 185 degrees which kills 99.99% of bacteria before they even get to the regular wash. And second, our diapers are randomly tested per load for bacteria, balanced PH and soap residue as well. With all this, you can rest-assured that getting back the same diapers wouldn't make any difference with our service...they all come out as clean, soft and sanitized diapers.

How does Bear Bottoms differ from other services?
With many diaper services popping up these days, it can be hard to make a choice from fitted or prefolds to flat-fee or per-diaper rental. But, although price and fit is important your decision shouldn't be limited to that. Because there are no regulations in Canada on how cloth diapers are cleaned, it's important to ask exactly how and where your diapers will be washed. Many start a diaper service from their home, and some even use residential washers. Washing diapers, especially soiled diapers from different babies is a fine tuned process, and if not done correctly can have many consequences, as you can imagine. Bear Bottoms is hospital approved and invested time and money into hiring professionals who have worked in both hospitals and nursing homes to help with our washing process. We test each load for detergent residue, and pH to make sure your diapers are safe and clean. We wash at 180 degrees which is at hospital standards, to get rid of any and all bacteria. We also have worked with the local township to put extra filters and back-flow devices so nothing more is going into the sewage than when you flush your own toilet. In fact, even less. Bear Bottoms uses 1/8 of the water than if all our clients washed, dumped and flushed poop in the toilet. So with less environmental impact, per wash testing and perfectly balanced PH, you can feel confident that Bear Bottoms is your best choice for value and quality product.

Do I have to rinse them? 
No, don't do a thing. With our commercial washing process, you treat them the same as disposables. Just throw them in the pail with poo and pee and leave the rest to us! We want your baby's poop! :)
 Will I really save time and money compared to disposables?
Yes, yes, yes! Before I explain the math, first let's consider just incidentals: Gas for vehicle to go get Dispsosable Diapers, especially the bulk "cheaper" brand across town. Plus the time it takes to get there with baby in tow. Bringing baby is not so bad in the summer, but packing up baby in -20 temperatures on icy roads to get diapers is not fun. And now what happens when you run out at 9 o'clock at night? Your partner will have to go get some more for your baby at the convenience store or 24 hour drug store, where you get half as many for the twice the price.
Babies using cloth diapers are usually potty trained earlier since they can feel they are wet. This is the time when babies are using pull-ups or toddler diapers that cost a small fortune. We can only guess at the potential savings here.

Here is the math: On average (based on mega-size bags, with 8 changes a day), from birth to toddler disposables will cost approx. $92/per month, or $3312 for 3 years. We'll even compare using 3 years of Bear Bottoms Diaper Service delivered to your door at $19.95/wk ($79.80 month) = $2873. Even at 3 years you will save $439 and $918, if baby is trained at 2 1/2 years! So why wouldn't you have soft, clean cloth diapers delivered to your door?

Does my price change if I need more or less diapers? 
No! This is the best part, if you need more we bring you more. Just call us a couple days before your next delivery and we'll adjust your quantity. With any other service or even disposables the more you rent/buy = higher price, or the bigger the size = higher the price. We wanted to make it easier on your budget, especially those parents on maternity/paternity leave. So by giving our customers consistency in price from birth to potty training, we are now the cheapest weekly diaper service in all of Canada.
 Why wouldn't I just buy and wash cloth diapers at home? 
We do sell all of our products, diapers, soakers etc., for the do-it-yourselfer (See Buddi Accessories). Cloth is best no matter how you choose, but here are some reasons why home washing may not be worth all the extra hassel. First, it's messy, you do have to dump the solids, rinse the not-so-solids and soak your diapers. Second, it uses way more water and energy than commerical cleaning. As well, most domestic laundry detergent is not strong enough to properly cleanse diapers and provide a balanced finish for babies sensitive skin. But, basically it comes down to convenience, with the service we pick-up the dirty 
diapers and leave soft, clean diapers at your door. You're not washing constantly to keep up if your child is ill or even worse running out and having to get disposables at a premium cost.

What do I do if I am going on holidays? Can I pause the service? Can I take them with me? 
Yes, you can take the diapers with you, they are actually really easy to take everywhere. We will simply arrange your holidays prior to leaving and give you a double order, so you have lots with you. Please contact us for tips on travelling, so you don't even know you have dirty diapers with you. If you can't take them with you, yes you can pause the service, no problem. We need to pause your service from you delivery day to delivery day, so if you are leaving at times that doesn't fit with your delivery schedule, contact us and we will work out pick-up times and locations. If you are wanting a credit for when you are away, all diapers and soakers both clean and dirty need to be returned, prior to leaving, with cleans in a separate bag. Then we simply start fresh when you return.

Don't diaper services use chemicals to clean? 
Most do, but we don't. We use eco-friendly laundry soap and oxy-bleach. Our diapers are tested for residue and ph levels. Chemical stain fighters are only used as a last resort. If stains won't come out, 20% of stained diapers are recycled to charities and the rest are resold for home-washing.

Why do you only pick up once per week?
The best response is, it's a waste of fuel and energy, as most people are using cloth diapers to help our Earth.  Plus, coming to you twice per week isn't a help, even to you.  We want the service to be convenient and trying to remember different days instead of one scheduled day per week isn't convenient.  Instead, we have pails that work hard to keep odour at bay, plus our fabulous Bear-spray and we can also give you an extra bag to switch mid-week if you wish.  

Will I have to change more diapers? 
No. Guidelines state that you should change your baby's diaper every 3-4 hours or more during the day (more often for newborns), so this remains the same
 Won't my baby get diaper rash? 
Diaper rash is caused by bacteria in the poo reacting to the ammonia in pee. The best way to stop diaper rash is to change frequently (every 3 - 4 hours or more) and allow fresh air to get to the diaper area. The lock-away core in disposable diapers encourages parents to change less often and their very design prevents air from circulating. The design of Bear Bottoms diapers allow air to circulate, resulting in a healthier bottom.

Will they leak? 
Not if they fit properly and you use a good diaper cover. A well fitting cloth diaper with cover is no more likely to leak than a disposable. We will help you to determine what size is best for your baby.

Are they really better? 
Certainly! Cloth diapers help prevent diaper rash, aid early potty training and are much better for the environment.
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