Bear Bottoms Is a Proud Member of The Real Diaper Industry Association.

The Real Diaper Industry Association is a collective non-profit organization in which small businesses take the lead in creating a cultural shift to increase the use of simple, reusable cloth diapers.

Did you Know Using Our Service helps more than your little ones Bear Bottoms!

Bear Bottoms Donated in 2014:

5265 Diapers to Loving Arms Charitable Corp., Guatemala

Bear Bottoms Donated in 2013:

6070 Diapers to Loving Arms Charitable Corp., Guatemala

Bear Bottoms Donated in 2012:

5200 Diapers to Loving Arms Charitable Corp., Guatemala

Bear Bottoms Donated in 2011:

2200 Diapers to STIMMA (Short Term International Medical Missions Abroad)

3500 Diapers to Canadian World Relief, which supports war-torn areas in Africa

Bear Bottoms Donated in 2010:

1000 diapers to God's Littlest Angels Haiti,

200 diapers and liners to Forever Angels Baby Home in Mwanza, Tanzania, East Africa

Bear Bottoms Services and Pricing


$19.95 per week!!! (+ tax)*      Servicing Toronto south of 407...please see Service Areas above for more info ~

SERVICING TORONTO - see service areas for more details.


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Why are Bear Bottoms snap-to-fit cloth diapers, like Day and Night?

  • Choice of Diapers (thin or thick), for different absorbency
  • You DO NOT have to dump solids, or use flushable liners
  • Diapers are custom Made in Perth, Ontario, Canada
  • Diaper sizes from Preemie (approx. 4 lbs.), to x-large (approx. 40 lbs.)
  • Diapers have adjustable Snap Closures, with gathered Legs & Waist
  • Bear Bottoms uses the ONLY HOSPITAL APPROVED high temperature sanitizing process. We perform per wash testing, pH balancing and use environmentally friendly washing chemicals.
  • No sign-up fee, rental of our diapers is included in price
  • Cozy cotton and hemp sherpa diapers made with ZORB liners. Hemp/fleece soakers
  • Step-pedal 50L pail, for handsfree use and premium odour control
  • We are committed to Healthy Bottoms and a Healthy Earth

See why having this choice of Day or Night diapers and our much loved Super Soaker liners can fit your baby and your lifestyle better.

*** Twins, triplets and families with multiple children using our diaper service receive 25% off total service before tax. ***

This price includes a weekly loan of the following:

  • Fluffy fitted cotton & hemp/sherpa diapers, delivered to your door/soiled diapers picked-up. There is no start-up cost or administration fee with our service.
  • Water-resistant nylon pail bags, extra bags provided if needed.
  • Hemp Soakers 2x absorbency to cotton and Super Soakers
  • Diaper Pail, step pedal, with carbon built into the plastic for maximum odour control (as shown). $20.00 one-time rental fee (includes free Bear-spray $9.99 value & welcome kit). You will also receive a link to our 10-minute instructional video, prior to your first delivery or pre-birth delivery. 

Not included in price, but can be added to service:

Cloth Wipe Rental ($2.00 for 1lb., $2.50 for 2lbs.)

For purchase: Diaper Covers, Diaper Wraps or optional accessories.
Please see Buddi Accessories for pictures and descriptions.

*****Ways To Save******

- Prepay at least 6 months in advance and save 10%! (cash or bank debit only)

- Families with multiple children in diapers save 25% off each.

- Refer your friends, or even people you don't know and save (please see referral discount below)

Referral Discount

Our business is successful because of you! If you’re telling your friends about our service, we want to show you how much this means to us. What better way than to save you even more money!

Now introducing Bear Bucks! These $5 Gift Certificates are great ways to encourage your love of cloth to all your friends, while reaping the savings yourself. Simply fill out your name and their name on the Bear Bucks Coupon and stuff in a Baby Shower Card, Christmas stocking or Just Because. When they sign up and redeem their coupon, you get a $15 per new client Thank You from us, (plus you saved your friend some money too!)

So, give us a call, drop an email and tell us how many Bear Bucks coupons you want. Share the love! The more you give, the more you save! Remember, give only one coupon per new sign-up. But, for each coupon we get back with your name on it - we just keep taking money off your invoice.

Please contact us for full details.

*Service is billed monthly in advance, on a month to month basis. Please see our Online Application for our terms of service.  All customers in our service area will have a small fuel surcharge based on your location, currently between $1.05 per week locally and up to $4.50 per week, for hard to access places. (Weekly rate may be converted to daily rate if paying by bank debit based on # of days in each month).
*We will match competitors pricing, if service is comparible flat-fee and using fitted diapers with snaps. Does not apply to areas in Toronto.

Isn’t it time for a change?

Telephone: 519-634-8600      Toll-free: 1-877-423-2726

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